First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Newborn Calf Powder

8593%20first%20arrival%204000gm%20web 8912_first%20arrival%20calf%20800%20gm%20webFirst Arrival® Calf Formula, w/Encrypt®, the DBC Ag Products exclusive trademarked organic carbon source, is a targeted feed supplement specially formulated to help a newborn calf build a strong immune system.

When fed for 14 days, its innovative formula provides targeted proteins, micro-encapsulated lactic acid-forming bacteria, and beneficial organic compounds that better enable a newborn calf to fight pathogens that may cause scours and other diseases.

Our proprietary formula is a dark gray granular powder that is research backed and delivers the following key benefits that help avoid scours in newborn calves, lambs and kids:

  • Encrypt aids in inhibiting growth of pathogens, including cryptosporidia, and absorbs harmful toxins
  • Targeted egg proteins concentrate on the most common digestive pathogens
  • Micro-encapsulation protects beneficial bacteria from stomach acid and bile
  • Dark gray powder serves as marker of passage and proper use
  • All natural ingredients require no withdrawal
  • Easy to use – buckets, bottles and hands clean up easily

Safe, fast acting, all natural First Arrival w/Encrypt targets 98% of the pathogens that cause scours and malnutrition.  Herds feeding First Arrival as recommended reported spending up to 60% less on antibiotics.  No withdrawal necessary.

Recommended uses for 14 day feeding program:

  • Dairy replacement heifers – Both self-raised and custom/professional raised
  • Veal Calf Operations – To help avoid scours and aid in building a stronger immune system
  • Dairy beef calves – Help improve intestinal health and aid in improving performance

Begin feeding First Arrival w/Encrypt when the calf is 24 hours old.  Feed 10 grams per feeding (2X daily) for the first two days.  For the next 12 days, provide 5 grams per feeding (2X daily).  If scours symptoms occur, dosage may be doubled.

Available in an 800 gram pouch, 4000 gram pail, 8000 gram pail and 45 pound box– enough to feed 5, 25 , 50 and 125 calves respectively, for a full two weeks.

First Arrival w/Encrypt is highly soluble, so it mixes easily with colostrum, milk replacer, milk and water.  For best results, feed at 101° F.