First Arrival® with Encrypt®


Your Calves Come First – Enhanced First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Now Delivers More

Mother Nature doesn’t stand still, so neither do we




The new formulation of First Arrival® w/Encrypt® replace the previous, successful formulas with a more powerful approach to helping establish optimal digestive health and provides additional support for the developing immune system during the most vulnerable time in a calf’s life.

The proprietary combination of innovative ingredients have never been combined before in a supplement designed to support calves during the first few weeks of their life.  A time when digestive challenges can strike and derail your desire to raise healthy, active calves that are the foundation for a lifetime of productivity.

As 70% of the immune system resides in our around the digestive tract, building and maintaining a health digestive tract plays a key role in promoting a healthy, functioning immune system.

The newly enhanced First Arrival w/Encrypt contains the following ingredients to support your calves during the first few weeks of life.

  • Encrypt® now contains:
    • Powerful organic acids
    • Essential oils
    • Dried kelp
    • Absorptive compounds
  • Dried egg yolk and whole egg proteins
  • Multiple strains of micro-encapsulated lactic acid producing beneficial bacteria
  • Whey proteins
  • Lecithin
  • Selenium yeast and psyllium seed husk to promote digestive health
  • Dark gray powder serves as marker of passage and proper use
  • All natural ingredients require no meat withdrawal
  • Easy to use – buckets, bottles and hands clean up easily
  • Note some settling may occur.  This is normal.  One of the new ingredients releases powerful organic acids into the milk or milk replacer and what you see is just the carrier.  Rest assured the benefits are reaching the calf!

First Arrival w/Encrypt is available in a powder form to be mixed with milk or milk replacer for feeding night and morning for two weeks starting at the 2nd or 3rd feeding after the calf is born.  It is also available in a handy paste formula for individual dosing anytime a calf needs added intestinal support or during intestinal challenges.  Can also be used in older calves and animals.

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