First Arrival® w/Encrypt® Now Available in 45# Size for Larger Operations

As First Arrival® w/Encrypt® has expanded usage across a wide cross-section of dairy operations, including large operations, we have received a lot of interest for a larger size! 

Our new 45# size of First Arrival w/Encrypt Powder will treat 125 calves for the two week feeding program that is helping producers across the nation avoid scours and raise healthier, more productive calves.

 Key Features and Benefits

 Each 45# box contains 1, 5 gm scoop (for individual dosing) and 1, 16 oz scoop that will administer approximately 30, 10 gm doses or 60, 5 gm doses to facilitate mixing in larger operations.

  1. Now with both English and Spanish labels!
  2. More environmentally friendly cardboard box makes for easier stacking/storage and empty containers are easier to recycle or dispose of.
  3. 1 pallet contains 36, 45# boxes and will treat up to 4500 calves for 14 days.
  4. Larger size becomes more economical for larger customers.  Suggested retail price of $1740 results in producers enjoying the benefits of First Arrival w/Encrypt for $13.92/calf, less than a $1 per day to help avoid profit-robbing scours.

 Contact your animal health supplier or DBC Ag Products today to learn how you can order this new size and help get the most out of your calf raising program!