Congratulations to the Winners of the Backyard Chicken® Health Pack Display Contest!

During the spring chick season, dealers nationwide were challenged to develop a dynamic Point-of-Purchase display using the Backyard Chicken Health Pack, with the goals of increasing awareness, promoting bird health and increasing dealer sales.  Winners were selected by the DBC Ag Products’ Management Team and were notified on July 15.  This year’s winners are:

1st Place ♦ Blain Supply in Blain, PA


“This display introduced the product to our customers like nothing else could have done.  After having these products displayed in our regular animal health department, bringing them onto an end cap during chick seasons was a great idea.  What used to be a ‘came shopping for’ item suddenly became a high inquiry and a sort of impulse buy item.” – Lamar W. & Leonard W.

2nd Place ♦ Hackett Farm Supply in Clinton Corners, NY


“We got our customers and employees involved in creating the display…Our customers were intrigued with the products.  They bought the products!  The same products that were sitting on our shelves, collecting dust, started to sell.  With the volume of chicks, turkeys, ducks, and other fowl we sell, it’s a pleasure to have these great products to offer to our customers.” – Stephanie S.

3rd Place ♦ Stoltzfus Feed & Supply Inc in Gap, PA


“The customers are seeing the signage along with our staff informing each individual purchasing chicks of the benefits from using this product.  It has definitely improved the quality of our drinking water and started the chicks off on the correct path before leaving the store.  A majority of the customers want to continue the same health regimen that the chicks were started on.” – Karen H.

4th Place ♦ Cobleskill Agway in Cobleskill, NY


“We’ve had this display up for a few weeks now and it seems to be really getting the word out about naturally caring for your chicks/chickens.  We have more and more customers coming to us looking for a natural way to offset worms in their chickens and the Zyfend is the best way to do it…We’ve had a positive response overall.” – Katie L.

5th Place ♦ Purrfect Pet in Milford, NY


“Originally we purchased some of your products for our use on our beloved chickens…Having used the product personally, we see how amazing and easy it is to use.  We are always recommending it…It is a great add on product when we sell chick feed.  People like that one starter kit lasts a long time…Our sales in chicken supplies has greatly increased because your product gives us a chance to mention our pets and through that we make a connection with our customers which keeps them coming back.” – Julia S.