Congratulations to the Winners of the 2016 Backyard Chicken® Health Pack Display Contest!

During the spring chick season, dealers nationwide were challenged to develop a dynamic Point-of-Purchase display using the Backyard Chicken Health Pack, with the goals of increasing awareness, promoting bird health and increasing dealer sales.  Winners were selected by the DBC Ag Products’ Management Team and were notified on July 15.  This year’s winners are:

1st Place ♦ Southern States Oakland Co-op ♦ Oakland, MD

Pullet Together Peeps Get Eggcited About The Backyard Chicken Health Pack


The peeps here at Oakland Southern States have been promoting the Backyard Chicken Health Pack since the middle of April.  We had a Chick Day in April where all the customers came in to pick up their chicks.  In anticipation of Chick Day, we built an end cap specific to the Backyard Chicken Health Pack.  We put the end cap in the front of the store, helping to draw attention to the product; which in turn, made customers curious and want to ask questions.  We had eight people try the new product.  We have had several people that have liked the Backyard Chicken Health Pack.  They like the idea of not having to waste time scrubbing the poultry waterers.  They are also pleased to learn that it is an all‑natural product, so there is no withdrawal time for holding the eggs.  At first glance, most customers see just the price tag, and seem to think that it is too expensive for their flock of chickens.  We then help them to understand each bottle will treat 90 gallons of water and they realize how cheap it is per gallon.

2nd Place ♦ Shriver Farm Services ♦ Wana, WV


We decided to place the display in the front of the store.  Decorating the shelves and chick tub brightly enables us to capture the attention of new and old customers alike.  This setup has provided a clear view of available flock health and prevention products.  The precise and well-made flock health pamphlets make customer education a breeze to garner attention to the importance of flock health and what we as a business can offer through DBC Ag products.  Shriver Farm Services being a new location provides us a great way to generate interest in flock health products to a larger customer base.